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03/31/14 11:23 AM #263    


Stephen Leuchtman

Well, it was a good run for both the Spartans and my Wolverines.  I believe the loss of Mitch McGary finally caught up with Michigan, since we got killed on the boards.  Kentucky was more athletic.  These tournaments are all about coaching, which explains State's success with Izzo as their coach.  I thought Beilein outcoached Calipari--but in the end, the Wildcats were just too talented.  Still, if their guy misses the three-pointer at the end . . . oh, well.  Great tribute to the B1G, as Bruce suggested in his earlier post.  Three teams in the Elite Eight ain't too shabby!

04/01/14 03:36 PM #264    


Carol Strucel (Rohlinger)

Don't know if you are aware, but there is another Thurston group on Facebook.  It's called "Thurston Clan" and includes all graduates from 1957 on.  It is a private group, but you can join by typing Thurston Clan in the search bar on the top of your Facebook home page and then click on Join Group in the upper right hand corner.  Once the organizer (Ron Beller from the class of '59) approves it, "Thurston Clan" will appear in your groups list on your Facebook home page.  Just click on that and you are in.  I've joined and so has Jan Carter Ziegler.

Ron has recently been honoring deceased graduates with pictures and obituaries.  He has worked his way thru grads from 1957, 58, and is working on 1959. 

Many Thurstonites post current pictures of themselves and converse with others about what they are doing, etc.  It's a wider audience than this message forum and our 1963 Facebook group.  It's a private group, so only members can post and/or read posts.

If you have questions about joining, let me know.

07/24/14 08:12 PM #265    


Daniel Orlikowski

So good to see Patti and Don Dillaman and their son Brad yesterday. Patti and Don were in Denver visiting Brad and came up to our house in Evergreen for lunch and a few hours of fun. Wish we could do that with all of you guys.

12/04/14 08:29 AM #266    


Edith Bergstrom (Usher)

Last Sunday my son, Scott, was at Brighton Presbyterian Church and when they did their greeting section of the service, he turned around and sitting behind him was Bill Bloxom.  He knew Bill because he also had him as a science teacher at Livonia Stevenson, where Bill taught after he left Thurston.  As a matter of fact, both my boys were in his classes.  Scott said he looks pretty much the same (however older) and it was fun to see him. 

12/07/14 08:35 PM #267    


Sharon Dumler (Davis)


I'm getting old.  I don't remember Bill Bloxom. What did he teach?  He must have been young when he was at THS.


Have a great Christmas

Sharon Davis

12/08/14 07:43 AM #268    


Edith Bergstrom (Usher)

Hi Sharon -

Bill Bloxom taught Biology but I think he was only there one year.  People were talking about him at one of our planning meetings so I thought I would tell them he is still around.  I think it was his first year of teaching at THS.

Have a great holiday season and 2015.


12/08/14 10:42 AM #269    


William Cox

Hi, Sharon & Edith,  I remember Mr. Bloxom, I think he was at Thurston only one year,  I had him for the biology class I slept through.  I did enjoy his many stories about being in the tank corps. If I remember correctly, he drove a tank in the Korean conflict.  Always said "being inside a tank was the safest place on the battle field"............After seeing the Brad Pitt movie "Furry" not so sure about that!  Was great seeing everybody at the reunion............


12/09/14 09:24 AM #270    


George Goodchild

Hey Sharon,  I don't remember Mr. Bloxom at all, but I do remember you.  Seeing your picture brought back memories, mostly because you still look just like you did in HS.  Good seeing you again.  I really valued your friendship in HS.  I had a nice two hour chat with Dave Daniels in NY at my sons house in Pittsford, and he let me know how much I missed by not being at the reunion.  Sorry I missed you.

George Goodchild

12/10/14 09:39 AM #271    


Sharon Dumler (Davis)

George, it is great to hear from you too.  Edie was correct that Bloxom was there only one year.  Bill Cox's response was great. 

The reunion was really cool.  There was a school tour that was amazing.  You'd appreciate revisiting the theater.  Marie Miller was there and really reminisced about her theater experiences.


Hope there will be a atime for us to meet again without a 'formal' reunion.

Have a great holiday.

12/11/14 08:53 AM #272    


Margaret Kottke (Tober)

Hi Sharon, Edie, George and Bill !!

I too had Mr. Bloxom for Biology, couldn't remember if it was Chemistry? I took both classes I and II.

He was really liked, and us girls really thought he was the most handsome teacher we had!  I mostly remember

Marge Hammond, he teased her alot!  Just like Bill said, he told many stories.  I thought he was a great teacher.

Hope all of you have a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healty New Year!  Sure would be nice just to get

together again!

12/22/14 07:32 AM #273    


Gerald Wiebeck

I just got a glance at our list of missing classmates and noticed a lot of info missing.  Prayerfully I'll get time this winter and spring to look the info up and fill in the dates and locals. 

To one and all from my family -- we wish each of you and yours a very Merry Christmas.  And may this New Year 2015 be an abundance of health and prosperity and best and most of all love.  By the way; my wife and I celebrated Christmas service with a local Amish group in Freedom Indiana.  What an amazing wonderful group of loving people.  They have no musical instruments and sang a cappella and it was truly awesome.  That service answered one of my hopes and prayers I've had for many years.  The only thing I wasn't "prepared" for was the men sit on one side of the church and the ladies sit on the other side--- so Ish and I sat a part for the service. Our spiritual journey continues -------.  Blessings, Gerald and Ish


12/23/14 09:40 PM #274    


Dennis Abraham

To all my thurston class of 1963, may all of you and your families have a blessed,joyful,merry christmas and a healthy happy new year.  Always, dennis

02/29/16 05:18 PM #275    


David Daniels

Hey everyone -- thanks for the birthday wishes.  70 means I've finally caught up to the rest of you.  I think there's only one or two of our clasmates younger than myself.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I do not mind at all being 70 years old.  I'm pleased and grateful to have gotten here.  I just wish the number didn't sound so incredibly old.  What bothers me most is that I well remember my folks at this stage of their lives, and in almost every way, especialy health and mind, they were much older than I am at this point.


A number of you asked about my health.  Thank you, I do appreciate your concern.  I am well and fine.  They said to expect 3 months to full recovery, that is 3 days away -- however, I have felt fully recovered for about a month now.  I have no restrictions from my doctors.  I am going to cardiac therapy several times a week (including this morning) and am able to do everything they want me to do -- the only problem is that once I show them I can do it, they up the exercise -- more time, more weights, more reps, etc.  But, I have been able to keep up with it all.  I haven't made much progess on my weight, just a couple of pounds, but I do feel very good overall.


Both of my churches gave me the month of December off (surgery was 12-3-15) and they both offered January too -- didn't want that.  I started back preaching on the first Sunday in January and have done 2 services each week since.  I did pull back on some of my responsibilites, meetings, writing, etc. but I am back to my full load now.


So who's up for 2018 and a 55-year reunion?  My suggestion is that we down-grade this one.  There's no way we can pull off what we did 2 years ago -- no one has the energy to put in the necessary work (we almost did in a couple of people as it was) and anyway, we couldn't top it if we tried.  My suggestion is that we find out who's interested and who can come and find a restaurant with a room that can accomodate that number, then just get together for a nice meal.  All the extra stuff we had was wonderful, but we can also do without it.  This would lower the cost and the work load.  Who's in?

03/01/16 11:35 AM #276    


Stephen Leuchtman

Glad you're feeling better, Dave.  I'll be more than happy (whatever that means) to help in setting up a 55th Reunion.

03/01/16 12:27 PM #277    


Thomas Tanner

Dave:   Great suggestion about th Reunion and I'm in as well.  Maybe we could still do a tour of Thurston I missed the last one and maybe so did other classmates and that I don't believe would cost us any money.  I'd also like to see if there is any interest in putting together a co-ed golf scramble. Anyway you've already got me thinking about ideas for the 55th. depending on the time of year we select.  Glad you're doing well and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY youngster!!





03/02/16 12:18 AM #278    


Carol Strucel (Rohlinger)

I'd love a chance to see everyone in 2018 since I missed the 50th. 

03/02/16 07:39 AM #279    


Margaret Kottke (Tober)

I would love to see everyone again also, I know there are many who feel the same!  I like the idea of a meal, without all the extras!  Our 50th will always be remembered and thanks for all the compliments David!  All the hard work was sooo well worth it !!!!!

I am so glad you are feeling better and doing well these days!  Keep me posted!  I am IN !!!!!


03/02/16 11:05 AM #280    


George Goodchild

Dave -- Glad you're doing better.  I would certainly consider coming to a simple reunion.  I don't play golf, I don't drink much, but I eat alot, so simple at a resturant sounds good to me.

George Goodchild

03/02/16 07:48 PM #281    


David Daniels

Appreciate hearing back from all of you.  Sounds like we have the makings of a 55th.  I'm sure the school would be up for the tour.  I did that last time and highly reccomend it if you missed it -- but I'd certainly be up for doing it again myself.  Tom -- I'll leave to golf idea up to you.  I think we can easily find out if there is enough interest.  In a month or so, I'll send out an email to everyone on my list with a similar suggestion that I put here and see what kind of response I get.  It will also give me an opportunity to find out how good my email addresses are after 2 years.  Eagles Forever Folks!

03/02/16 11:19 PM #282    

Donald Walker

Hi Dave,

Glad to hear your feeling better, sorry I took so long to respond. Just got back from Florida, so trying to catch up on things here.

I would love it if we could all get together for a reunion, I was in the process of moving when you had the last one in 2013. I wanted so much to attend but just couldn't fit it into my schedule. Hope you can pull it off, looking forward to seeing all of our classmate's.

Don Walker

03/03/16 08:55 AM #283    


David Daniels

Hey Everybody -- Carol Strucel Rohlinger is the one THS  `63 classmate that I know is younger than myself.  She hits the seven-oh tomorrow.  Give her birthday wishes and a big welcome to the club.

David D

PS - if there is someone still younger than that, please speak up.  You can't be far away.

03/03/16 10:52 AM #284    


Cheryl Roebuck (Highstreet)

Hi Dave-

I'll join other classmates in saying how glad we are that you are recovering so well.

Count me in for a 55th, depending on the time of year.  Something more simple that last time sounds good.  Like a couple of others, I don't play golf.  I discovered a long time ago that I have NO eye/hand coordination!

Again, congratulations in joining the rest of us in our 8th decade!  (That sounds pretty serious, doesn't it?!)

Take care and please keep me posted about the 55th.

Best wishes,

Cheryl (Roebuck) Highstreet

03/03/16 08:15 PM #285    


Catherine Micallef (Kosikowski)

Glad you are doing well Dave.  Count me in, I had such a great time at the 50th can't wait until the 55th.

05/30/16 02:33 PM #286    


Gerald Wiebeck

Never know if this is the appropriate area to post things or not.  My wife and I are preparing to celebrate our 50th anniversary on July 9th, 2016,  actual date is 7/16/1966.  We've been married 19 times so far and this July will be the 20th time, and in 2 different states, two different countries and 4 different ednominations.  Actually got married twice in one day, but this one means a lot to us.  P.O. Box 6416, Bloomington Indiana 47407. 317-416-7107 

11/30/16 04:48 PM #287    


Linda Garcia (Garcia-Shelton)

Dave, glad to hear you are better now, and thinking about a future reunion!  I like the idea of a smaller activity focus, since what I enjoyed most at the last reuinion were the unstructured times in a large room where we could meet and talk.  It might be fun to consider inviting folks from the class ahead of us and the one behind us.  Most of my interactions were with folks spanning our year and the years right around us. Linda G-S

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